Models:  Francesca ,  Tiara ,  Briah , &  Gabrielle    Hair and Makeup:  Gabriella Bordo   Styled by:  Francesca Prado
 I have been working on an uncanny set of videos and photographs starring the women in my family. I use hyperreal colors and lighting techniques to emphasis a cinematic element to the work. In my short film,  Maraschino,  there is a prominent theme of time. There is a big use of the color red in this film, represented in the wig, maraschino cherries, and lipstick; symbolizing seduction, passion, danger, & power. The subject being an older woman pushes the boundaries of societies version of beauty.  An older woman seducing the viewer, pushes the boundaries of beauty and ageism.
  A huge part of the beauty industry's influence over us is the use of subliminal messages in advertising.