Sara-Anne Waggoner is an artist living and working in Chattanooga, TN. Soon to graduate from The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a BFA in Photo Media Arts. She works with the mediums of photography, filmmaking, mixed media, and installation. In her work, themes of surrealism, time, multiple realities, and beauty creates a juxtaposition between distress and confusion, nostalgia and memory, past and present. While subverting the ideals of perfection within the context of fashion and beauty.

EDUCATION University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Bachelor of Fine Arts with concentration of Photo Media Art.


2018- Present | Gallery Assistant- Cress Gallery of Art

I currently work as a gallery assistant for head curator, Ruth Grover. This job entails me to monitor the gallery during open hours. I interact with the public, discussing and answering questions about the current exhibition.  

2017- Present | Co-owner of The August Sisters, Chattanooga, TN

2015- Present | Freelance Photographer and Videographer
I have worked with multiple clients including Open Wave RFID, Indiegogo, and Berkshire Hathaway Home Service. I was on the marketing team for Open Wave RFID, taking photographs and videos for their product inventory. I Got to team up with the company Indiegogo taken photographs for them and helped them launch a successful campaign. I worked with realtors at Berkshire Hathaway Home Service and took headshots.

2018 | Assistant Curator for AVA, Chattanooga, TN

Assisted Head Curator Kreneshia Whiteside for AVA installing work for Miller & Martin.


I am interested in blurring the boundary between reality and fiction through video and photography. Through a narrative approach to photography and filmmaking; I create hyper saturated environments that present a surreal vision of the everyday. The work hovers between distress and confusion, nostalgia and memory, past and present. I am interested in the juxtaposition between beauty and the grotesque– subverting the ideals of perfection within the context of fashion and beauty.

I have been working on a collection of short films starring the women in my family. I am using color and lighting techniques to emphasize a cinematic element to the work. In the films, there is a prominent theme of time showing scenes where there are multiple clocks ticking. Time is subjective with combining objects from the past with objects from the future. In each film, there is an intentional use of color symbolizing different emotions within each female subject. The colors reveal passion, greed, envy, euphoria, seduction, and immaturity. In David Batchelor’s book Chromophobia, he writes on how colors have been made to be devalued in our society. Colors have a presence in history of always being labeled and gendered; to be the feminine, the superficial, the alien, and the dangerous. Young women are used as symbols for beauty and rejuvenation. An older woman seducing the viewer pushes the boundaries of beauty, and ageism.


Los Angeles Center of Photography | Join Me In The Red, 2018. Seeing Stars, 2018. On The Hill, 2018. Modern Mary, 2018.

Stove Works, Inaugural Show: LAND AND SEA, documentation of the show.

Stove Works, MELT MY HEART BUT SPARE MY SOUL, documentation of the show.